How much memory (RAM) do I need?

Memory Options

  • 2GB – This is our smallest memory package which is best for small vanilla servers with the option to add some basic plugins.

  • 3GB – The 2GB package can have additional memory allocated (+1GB), this is suggested if you are planning to install smaller modpacks or plugin packs. (up to 20-25 mods or plugins)

  • 4GB – This plan is our recommended plan as it will support most modpacks & plugins. (up to 35-40 mods or plugins).

  • 5-15GB – The 4GB & 8GB package can be adjusted according to your needs. These packages are able to support over 40 mods or plugins. Above 6gb of ram is recommended for most modpacks. This amount of memory is suggested if you are planning to start a large community. The larger your community, the more RAM you should get.

  • 16GB – Our final package is designed for very large/advanced communities and extreme modpacks or plugins. Make sure you know what you are doing before picking this plan. If you are ever unsure please create a ticket here.


Player Slots*

World Size*



Up to 10

Up to 10GB

Up to 10


Up to 15

Up to 15GB

Up to 25


Up to 25

Up to 20GB

Up to 40


Up to 30

Up to 25GB

Up to 45


Up to 40

Up to 30GB

Up to 50


Up to 90

Up to 60GB




Up to 100GB




150+ GB


*There is no restriction on Player Slots, World Size, or Plugins/Mods. The chart above is only a recommendation.

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